22×44 Center Stripe Towels-Wholesale from us to you!

Sinta Towel 100% cotton bath towels are the economical way to stock your towel supplies.? Center Stripe towels are popular for identification purposes within you facility. Made to last with long, densely woven fibers and weighing 6 lbs. per dozen, our towels keep their size and shape, even with daily use. Useful for small shower towels, or a large bench towel. Sinta Towel offers three colors of center striped towels in the 22″ x 44″ : Blue, Green, and Yellow.

  • Excellent Value for the money
  • 6 lb/dozen
  • It’s an economy towel in price and quality, and not super soft feeling or fluffy but it gets the job done!
  • Useful for sweat towels, bench and locker room towels
  • Often used by gyms, military, schools and YMCA/YWCA facilities
  • Center striped towels help prevent loss & theft
  • 100% Cotton, Expect some slight shrinkage